Our Sustainability Journey

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Here at River Rats Raft and Kayak we make our living through the environment.
Our aim is to have as little impact on it as possible and positively contribute to our community.
We are proud to be foundation members of the Rotorua Sustainable Charter

We are committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of our community.

We are committed to undertaking and promoting the reuse, reduce and recycle ethic.

We are committed to undertaking water quality initiatives and promoting the check, clean and dry ethic.

We are committed to monitoring our impact on the environment.

We are proud to support Predator Free Okere Falls, an initiative to eradicate introduced pests in the Okere Falls Scenic Reserve

River Rats are proud to be foundation members of the Rotorua Sustainable Tourism Charter

The charter is a step by step approach, working to achieve environmental and social sustainability in local businesses.
Director Justin Hutton has served for many years on the charter management committee and is currently the Chairman.

The following are some of the actions we have taken.

  • Undergoing a sustainability audit.
  • Wherever possible waste is minimised and re-used or recycled.
  • Providing Recycling Facilities at our main office.
  • Using biodegradable eco friendly chemical for washing wetsuits, fleeces, etc.
  • Using chemical free microfibre technology for cleaning the base.
  • We donate rafting vouchers to community organisations for fundraising purposes.
  • Wherever possible energy use is minimised, for example using low energy light bulbs and line drying river fleeces and wetsuits whenever possible.
  • Using washable rather than disposable plates for river lunches.
  • Researching and implementing an interpretation plan to ensure that stories we share with our customers are based on fact and approved by local Iwi (Maori Tribe) Te Arawa
  • Community involvement - owner Justin Hutton has given his time to local and industry groups including the New Zealand Rafting Association, Business Swap, the Rotorua Tourism Investment Partnership and the Sustainable Charter Management Committee.
  • Sponsoring Department of Conservations Conservation Week and running our own annual Conservation Week event cleaning up the Ohau Channel.
  • Sponsoring Good Nature traps in the Okere Falls Scenic Reserve to eradicate introduced pests.

Play your part

Protect the environment for your own sake, for the sake of those who come after you, and for the environment itself.
Toitu te whenua (Leave the land undisturbed)

If you wish to offset your own carbon emissions have a look at the following links

 Calculate your personal ecological footprint

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HEAD OFFICE: Hangar 14s Rotorua Airport, 837 Te Ngae Road, Rotorua 3074, New Zealand
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