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All our activities are covered by the Health & Safety at Work Adventure Activities Regulations (2016).

We are a registered activity provider and undergo regular audits by Adventure Mark on behalf of Worksafe NZ.

Copies of certificates are available on request if required.

The sports of White Water Rafting, White Water Sledging and Kayaking carry with them some degree of risk, including serious injury or drowning, increasing with the grade of rapids, to both the person and property. Occasionally rafts or kayaks do turn over and people occasionally swim. At any time prior to commencing the rafting, sledging or kayaking trip on the water you may elect not to undertake the activity, however, in some situations once the raft, sledge or kayak trip has begun, you may be committed to remain with it until completion. Because of these factors, Rotorua Adventures cannot guarantee your safety and you must expressly agree to assume the risk of death, injury or damage while participating in the activity.

As a company we have strict health and safety processes in place to prevent any spread of Covid-19 and to keep us all safe, but……. We also need your help!

All our staff are double vaccinated and we have undergone Qualmark Covid Clean & Safe Certification.

It is not practical to wear masks or socially distance when we are on the river so we wish to advise you that this does pose a slightly increased risk.

If you are feeling unwell, have any flu like symptoms or feel you may have been exposed to Covid-19, please phone us on one of the numbers below and we can reschedule your trip for a more convenient time or we can refund you in full if you prefer provided cancellations are made within 24 hours.

+64 7 345 6543 or Freephone 0800333900

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